Saturday, November 18, 2006

Horton hears a who

The Turkey Trot

Never ever have I had a sunshine Birthday!! It was different, it was warm, I wore shorts and a t-shirt outside all day, it was was freaking beautiful I tell ya's. S.D is definitely starting to feel like if I can just convince some of my life long friends to join me in paradise. The wife is doing well at her new job is going well and we are loving the weather and the palm tree views everyday. Thai food and Indian food are awesome. I know now that I don't suffer from I.B.S. Looking for a meinl cajon for my Birthday gift. We had free daycare today for P and G so I took D to lunch and browsing aroung Horton Plaza (very cool outdoor mall downtown) check photos. One on One time is a great time with your of my best days in a long time..we laughed and played..good times....way good times. They have every type of stor you can think of cigars, games, clothes, sharper image, bose, sony, everythijng was alot of fun to see D doing for the first time...those massage chairs at sharper image were hilarious..she was shaking so much and giggling..I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. There was about 20 place to pick from for food...she picked a fish and chips place that was great and the people even spoke English (kinda). Well gotta go watch UFC #65. I pray that everyone has a healthy, thankful to be with family and friends, Thanksgiving. All of you will be on our minds and in our thoughts throughout this holiday season.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Hokey Pokey

This would be the view I would see if I turned right instead of left while driving my daughter to school everyday. It is very wierd have summer for six months in a row after living in Michigan all my life. It's like I had two or three years of great weather in just 6 months. I do miss the snow and the cold sometimes..but the ocean and the cool night breezes fix that in a matter of a couple minutes. We are slowly starting to become natives and are even somewhat familiar with our surroundings and can travel short and medium distances without plugging in our GPS. I do miss the card games though...and I envy all of you for being able to play poker on the weekends. I have yet to find a crew worthy for THE GAME, I have been invited to a few but the time doesn't permit right now. We are still planning on a summer Coast Guard Week trip in August if funds allow. This is all for now. I pray that this finds all of my readers healthy and warm in the frozen tundra of the lower peninsula.

God Bless
Peace Out,

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Monster Mash

Good times.....way good times. Everything in San Diego is going well. Michelle is working and we had a great Halloween. Would've rather been @ Johnsons Bash but we had fun here in San Diego too. Some of the houses we went to were way expensive..they were giving out whole candy bars. The kids had an awesome time and we are still trying to figure out what to do with all this candy. Hope everyones kids had a great candy adventure and don't forget about my Brother In Law (the best dentist in Grand Haven).