Sunday, June 17, 2007

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things

So why is it on Mothers Day You take the kids to give mom a break, and on Fathers Day you get to spend the day with the kids?
What a great show last night at The Zombie Lounge. The Professors opened up for The Infants, The Hot Rod Trio, and The Buzzbombs...good times. We did a 45 min HIGH ENERGY SET that would've brought Richard Simmons into cardiac arrest. It was fun it was fast it was all good.
So who is coming out to San Diego to see us? We are in desperate need for poker and card playing and just good friendship bonding stuff. I'm shouting out to all my MI peeps saying....head west to see yer buds!
Not much going on here...working and playing with the kids...hanging at the beaches or the SD Zoo. Still a cool breeze blowing @ 70 degrees. Don't know if we are going to make it home for Coast Guard..seems everytime we save up some cash something comes up to deplete it as fast as we save...I am thinking that is the american way.

We miss all our MI Peeps..hope all the Fathers out there have a great day.
Busy times right now...will blog a big one later.

Peace Out,