Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Every Which Way But Loose

Due to the fact that I am thinking, wondering, praying and struggling right now.....blogging has moved down my list of priorities...I will return with an awesome Army story or something of that sort....no pressure..no worries....I shall return...eventually.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Feel Good..

So my boss comes up to me and apologizes for giving me a bad review and there were alot of things that he wasnt aware of and he is going to make things right...soooooo I guess it looks like I'm gonna keep on keepin on at my place of employment (until something better comes along). Youth Pastor??Hmmm Serving and helping people find God..it's what I live for..I have often thought of heading that direction but I don't feel that's what I am intended for right now....there is a reason I am doing what I'm doing at my workplace.... when I find out or do that...He will send me somewhere else to do something else...I am a beacon in the current. I prayed not for me but for my boss..that his heart would open a little and maybe show a little respect towards others and treat others as he would want to be treated...prayer answered (like there was any doubt).
So I am back in full steps with 5 weeks of vacation and 14 years of senority and I will start applying myself more..take more classes...sign more postings....see what I can do to help others or aid in our company to help it flourish and excel.
I know for a fact that I have an awesome summer to look forward to...camping..drumming...sunshine..family and friends......didjing...beach bumming....it's gonna be great. I think nobody really appreciates the summertime as much as Michiganians..we have about 4 months to do everything we can outside until we hibernate again.
Well I will be on my back deck thawing out and relaxing as my kids play on the playset today...thanking God for another obstacle passed and another piece of my heart opened..so much in this world we take for granted....Thanks be to THE LORD.
Those who know your name
will trust in you,
for you, Lord,
have never forsaken
those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

Never is so huge!!
Peace Out,

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Take this job and .....

O.K. so I have currently been at my place of employment for about 14 years.. I have always met or exceeded my boss' expectations of my particular job..until now. The boss I currently have has no feelings whatsoever or respect for other human beings...my last boss was awesome and the boss I have now was the one responsible for firing the good boss. I was a great worker with above average reviews and then it happened.....my boss doesn't particularly care for me because I explained to him that he should treat individuals the way he would want to be treated...soooo here I am stuck in my department ( due to my poor review no one else would acknowledge a posting) and I am stuck with this boss for another year.....I feel I am in need of another job soon...I feel they are trying to get rid of the others and me because we have feelings and play fair. We have gone to his boss and tried to explain this but they are close friends..isnt that wonderful? So if any one out there in blogdom knows of a job in sales or anything that would keep me from going back into a factory(HELL)...please let me know.
Part of me is thinking I should stick it out and do my best for another year..and the other part of me is saying...you have been a cooperate ladder and if you havent amounted to anything in 14 years what makes you think you have a chance now? hmmm My head hurts....some people don't even have jobs...are they broke? Are they happy? Does a job that makes you money make you happy?? What if your job makes you money but you are not happy at all. How am I going to provide for my family if I lose my job? I shoulda went to college......I am in the process of a nervous beakdown I believe......If everyone gets a chance..could they do me a favor and prayor whatever it is you do... for me ..and that I find a job soon that I can use my knowledge and gifts at....something that I can do to help others...something that I can get paid by not just money but by self worth and satisfaction.
I have done hard work and factory labor for all this time...spent the last 14 years on a concrete floor making money for others and not even coming close to making anyone happy except those around me most of the time. Never met any customers..never got any thanks..always can you do this? How about this? Sorry bout that...that's the way it goes.
Soapbox sniffling,
RKdrumdude out