Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On Top Of The World

So I'm thinking.."Where did I get this drive to compete?" Nearly every competition or event or dare I have ever been in or involved with I have given it my all. I hold nothing back..I unleash everything..I hate losing..I hate coming in second even more than I hate coming in last.
I won the biggest loser competition..sweeet.. now if I can continue to stay away from the doughnuts..the carrotcake...the coldstone icecream. I will be golden. I have dropped from 266 to a slim 36" waisted 234 in about 8 weeks. I ate egg whites, protein powder, turkey, chicken, bananas, and alot of veggies. I never lifted weights because when I do that I get bigger..I don't want to be bigger. I want toneness..I want lean mean fightin' machine. I want this almost as much as a new job.
It has hit me hard lately..to know I have been at the same place for 15 years and haven't recieved a raise in 8 years ( I am topped out on the payscale). There is nothing I can do to go up in this business..I am going to load trucks for the rest of this life...Somebody hire me for sales or customer service or something dealing with people rather than management..all I need is some pay and insurance..everyone please keep the ears open..if you know anyone that is looking to hire...tell them about me(just the good stuff...shouldn't take long). I want to excel and grow..I have potential that hasn't even begun to be tapped...I will never go back to school..didn't like it there when I was there b4.
A big ol' thank you to DA GOOCH for putting on this competition..for helping me get off my butt and go diet..glad you and yours enjoyed the chocolate oreo overload..the mud pie mojo was DA BOMB...and well worth the wait.