Tuesday, November 23, 2004


What a great bible study Funky and I had today...good times. I got a book for my 38th Birthday called The Word On The Street by Rob Lacy. What a cool book!!! Steve J. would even like this book!! All our children are doing great and life is good at the casa. Right now I am simply rambling until something comes to mind that stops me long enough to...got it!!!
Let's talk about my new book. It is described as a "dangerously real" retelling of Scripture. It is gritty, earthy, and witty. All focused on the big picture. Psalms as song lyrics,Bible stories retold as mini-blockbusters, and Revelation as virtual reality. It is a gripper. It also says that it is NOT the Bible..but it might just get you reaching for one. It has been dubbed BOOK OF THE YEAR by Christian Booksellers Convention Ltd.

Some of the book of Genesis goes like this
Genesis 39:2-23
6b-7 Thing is, Joseph's a bit of a looker and it doesn't take Potiphars wife long to spot it. She coos, "Boy, have I got the hots for you. The silk sheets are freshly washed. Let's go to bed.

8-10 Joseph turns her down flat. " I run the place. The boss doesn't even bother checking, coz he trust me 100 percent. I'm #1. He'd let me have anything I wanted...except you. You're his wife!
No way am I going to bed with you. God would hate it." But she doesn't give up; she wears the low-cut dresses, she slinks along the corridors, but Joseph keeps his mind on the job and avoids her like she's contagious.
It's not anything I would use as a study guide..but it is really good reading.
Nuff said...I gota go and hang with the youngins'.
Peace Out,
And The Beat Goes On....

Sunday, November 14, 2004


So my son Lil' G wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge for his Birthday. This was the second time we have been there. Unbelievable!! There is truly no other place more geared towards quality family fun time than this place. I wouldn't necessarily compare to the Disney Parks but for only a little over two hours away, it is well worth the trip and the cash.
I apologize for not blogging more frequently the last couple of weeks...no reasons, just couldn't find a quality blog theme..so I must ramble on.
Let's talk football. Saturday afternoon hangin w/ the guys, hard breathin', sweaty, diving, dirty, ripped up clothes, pulled calfs,quads,hams,pecs, twisted ankles and knees. It doesn't get any better. For all of you reading this blog that think you are out of shape or quite possibly just don't think you could bare the embarrassment of maybe falling down or maybe even getting dirty. Whatever you do...STAY AT HOME!!! You can help your wives or girlfriends maybe bake a cake or some cookies. The field of HURT is no place for a nancy boy. I realize that some of you lack the intestinal fortitude needed for any type of physical excertion, but hey, isn't the first step just to admit it? So quit thinking about WHAT IF..and WHAT ABOUT... I believe the NIKE slogan is way underrated... JUST DO IT!!!

This is RKdrumdude saying
Go long or sit at home!!!
How's that Gooch??