Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas to All

It was an awesome Christmas and the kids were very thankful.
So I'm thinking..when I was alot younger..opening presents that were under the tree. Not paying attention to my parents expressions, but more content on tearing through packaging curious as to what might be behind all this wrapping paper. I open it.. to my amazement it was a toy or clothes or whatever...I just seem to remember being so caught up in it all and thnking that there was NO WAY that the holiday season could be any better than getting gifts and toys and clothes and gadgets. How wrong was I?? Let me explain;
When I woke up Christmas morning to three of the most beautiful children I have ever seen...sleepy stuff in the eyes and bed head to the point of it looking matted and sticking out all over...when they turn that corner to look under that tree... If I could save that moment forever. That little look of sheer astonishment and amazement fills the whole room. To know that it is supposed to be better to give than recieve is not quite understood until we have children of our own.
What an awesome day we had
And the beat goes on...

Sunday, December 19, 2004


So why is it o.k. to buy a truck or a matchbox car for my daughter, but to buy a barbie for my son makes my stomach turn and gives me a sad feeling in my heart? I have told him on numerous occasions that barbies are for girls and girls play with dolls and boys play with trucks and cars. Should I just sit back..relax and let things happen? Should I appreciate that he stands up for his own decisions, he's only 3? To him it's not a big's a toy..and as far as barbies go...they are kinda hot. I asked him why he likes them and he says that they are pretty...then I asked him if he would like a Shaggy doll from Scooby Doo and he says, "no Dad, that's a boy doll". I realize that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Adam and Eve messed it up for all of us when they did what they were told not to. Dysfunctional family #1 and it only gets worse from there.. brothers killing each other, brothers leaving family members for dead. Doesn't seem that bad that I have a boy who likes barbies because his sister does. I used to play with barbies, because I too, had a sister 4 years older than me. However, I would rip their clothes off, tear off their heads and use them as dog toys for our airdale terrier. Now which is worse? Was I just trying to make my sister sad by doing that or did I get some enjoyment out of the massacre and dismemberment of a plastic doll? Sign me up for psychiatric evaluation. I give up trying to figure this all out. I'm thinking long term here...stop me if I'm wrong...but...I figure I will let him take a barbie to 1st grade if he wants that mean? The younger kids can be heartless. I'm sure Steve T. has and answer for this.. Steve D. might have to face this issue also.
If I tell my son what he can and can't play with, am I not limiting his curious nature and imagination?
This is not an excerpt from a newspaper article this is the real deal. I would like to know what some fellow bloggers would do in my situation...male and female opinions would be helpful since my wife and I have discussed this many times and are still puzzled at what or how it should be handled.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Long and Winding Road....

It has been awhile...for those who read my blog, for those who don't, it doesn't really matter. My life has been busy, but to make a long story short I'll briefly explain the last month in short form;
High cholesterol...blood test...lipitor for the rest of this life...D rules..wrote her name in the van on the seat...with an ink pen...BUSTED...Watermark is going great..Striker is awesome...G is all boy..cept for the Barbie thing....Payton is precious all the time which makes me wonder is she just holding out until she can walk and then is going to spaz out?? My wife is the best....Christmas shopping is fun..when you have money....if you don''s depressing...Jesus was not born to be the Saint of 4th quarter earnings...Mike has a thing for this girl....makes me of my best friends nephew needs prayer for him and his family...tough times we all go through and don't understand why?...chest x-ray and stress test..passed with flying colors..bald spots on my chest from the adhesive pads should grow back more taking my shirt off in public for a gig at Prueblos with an awesome guitarist....hoping it'll work out....not to kiss up but I still think Watermark has the coolest core team...hope everyone enjoys this blog...might not take me as long next time....enjoying MC sites...fantasy football is over for me this card debt sucks...the new Switchfoot cd beautiful letdown is great...P needs her binky...gotta bail....God Bless.