Thursday, April 13, 2006

Goin' back to Cali'

So I have my personal interview on Friday of next week in San Diego.. I am currently having my resume re-done and re-vamped. I will be staying with Andrea and Cameron, friends of the wife and myself. I will be out there for a week from Wednesday to Wednesday. I continue my search and quite possibly have more than one interview in my weeks stay. It seems they are somewhat keen and interested in combat veterans and someeone who has been employed at the same place for 15 years. I can only ask of your support and friendship ...we are constantly praying for wisdom and direction in this time of change. My wife and I both feel the urge to move to San Diego..the weather...the people...the attractions...the bands.I will get a better understanding and feel after Wednesday when I land. I love to fly. I haven't been there since 1990 I wonder how much has changed. The next person that says I am going through a mid life crisis....I'm gonna choke!! Michelle and I....together...feel that if this goes through...we will relocate. We are both sold on the San Diego thing for opportunity and growth potential and change..and you can't get that in Grand Haven. We ar not running away from anything. We will miss everyone and everything....don't look at it as somebody moving or leaving...look at it as another vacation to take and stay somewhere for free.

Peace and Love

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Freakout make a long story short....Wednesday was my last day of work..after 15 wonderful never felt so good...had an awesome retirement party/ roast. The people I worked with were some of the finest people I have ever met.
Job offers...

#1 Homeland Security in Grand Rapids...Minimal Pay scale..45 minute drive one way..hours are all flexible...1st 2nd and sometimes 3rd shift depending on when you are needed. Stay in Michigan
#2 Sales position in San Diego Ca..8 months of sales training including 10 hour days Monday through Friday...huge profits and commission.. great business that made Forbes top ten list in 2005 for growth potential and stock advancement. Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance with bonuse and rewards when you do well with sales. (3 year employee just created record sales of 200G for the year) It would be fairly easy to make this in under four years time if you apply yourself and are self motivated with good communication skills and persistance..

Decisions are slowly driving me carazy..yep I misspelt that on purpose CARAZY!! Can't sleep...decisions are sometimes harder to make thatn you can fathom alone..I have talked to numerous individuals and been given numerous opinions that I take into consideration.
Still.. I know not what to do..there is soo much involved in this ONE decision...Please pray for me or wish me luck or whatever it is you feel like doing in easing my bewilderment and confusion. Michelle and I have been praying for guidance and a final decision for the last two or three weeks.

Just when you think it's all going to be a cakewalk...someone drops a banana peel in your path.

And may God Bless you all