Friday, February 02, 2007

Catch a Wave

Ok so let's talk of the homeless...
One side of me feels like giving them all the money I make and helping them find a job a doing anything I can for them to help guide them and get them on the way to .....bills, payments,jobs..what the....?
Okay scratch that...the other part of me feels like someone probably did this for them before or maybe worse case scenario...THEY DON'T WANT TO WORK or for some unknown reason mentally or physically they can't hold a job.
I'll take a shot in the dark and say I think maybe 50% of ALL homeless people are not able to hold a job due to physical or mental conditions that won't allow them to continually show up at a place and earn money.
So THE OTHER 50% fall into the other catagory which may include a dysfunctional episode in family life or maybe they are a product of the times(whatever)
Soapbox Speech begins here> We live in the USA, freedom to do what you want, where you want, to who you want, within the law and the reasoning behind it. It is hard..I'll be the first to continue this work pay the keep the family happy...but wait a sec...RESPONSIBILITIES....ETHICS....HUMAN VALUE....CHARACTER...whoa that's a bunch of stuff we all know about...with the exception of that 50% that don't fall into the physical or mental column. (still on soapbox) Why don't...we all become homeless and just stay where we are in our comfy little houses with our comfy little or big couches..if you need anything just beg for it with a cardboard box..I can get one that says Combat Veteran and Big Dog can get one that says I Used to CAmp...Vic can get one that says I used to collect comics. what I am getting at is.
Does anyone really care if you are holding a cardboard sign that says something?? Is it a fine line against old school begging like with a cup or something....sing dance or something humourous..if you are really starving you can think of something funny or better than just walking up and down my street with a cardboard sign saying that your wife took your kids...or your wife locked you out...or you can't work because you don't want me a time.....
Get a job already.
(he steps down from the soapbox, brushes his knee off, smiles and walks into the sunset)