Monday, April 25, 2005

Walking on The Moon

That concert was unimaginable! Sting was were great ...and the drummer was nothing short of phenominal...know I remeber why I liked The Police so much...THEY ROCK!! I think Sting only did like three maybe four of his solo stuff, the rest were Police songs like Invisible Sun, Demolition Man(my favorite),Walking on the moon, Voices inside my head, Roxanne,King of was an awesome show and I am glad I went. Sting even said that he'd be back again...soooo yes I will hopefully be at his next show also.
O.k. enough about kids are doing awesome, my wife is always awesome...Watermark is as impressive and mentoring as it was when it started job how is everyone doing in their blogworld? Everyone is invited to come check me out at the restaurant Friday night with Tony...we are playing real tight and starting to emerge into a hopeful deck duo for the summer...I could use a little extra cash for bills and camping costs. If anyone knows anyone that can get us a jazz duo deck brunch easy listening jammy little ditty session that pays $$$ please let me know. I feel that we are getting good enough and everyone comments on how good we sound and how much they enjoy our sound (sympathetic fans???naaahhhh) if we sounded really bad they would tell us right?? Although it is only friends and family that give us compliments...oh great....we suck...wait Tony is really good....oh nooo I suck...all my friends said I sound good....that girl on American Idol said everyone thought she sounded good too and she was a freak....oh great what if I'm a freak???
Just babbling....even if I'm not that good on accoustic percussion...I have fun and my family loves me....I think...
I am currently giving up caffiene and coffee
not really.
Done with this 4 now
Hope you enjoyed it
See Ya Friday
Peace Out
And God Bless

Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's Raining Again

So what was supposed to be a fun weekend of camping turned into a cold weekend at home. Either way we had called a loser for not sucking up the snow flurries and 30 degree wind chill factor in a fiberglass I slept at home in our big, warm bed and woke up and drank coffee in my pajamas and made hot cocoa for the kids... how I wish I could be camping..we will get our fill of camping this year..mostly when it's warmer and sunny I envy Big Dog? Kinda...mostly because he has the strong sense of stubborness and doesn't let Craig James plan his camping excursions..I suppose I am getting to be a fair weather camper... I don't think it is a bad thing...I feel kinda crappy for losing 30.00 for cancelling late. Also for cancelling plans to camp with some of the coolest campers we know. I know that camping is camping and weather is weather but cold is cold and comfortable is comfortable and friends are friends and money is money.
So Sunday night we are going to see Sting at the Vanandel arena. I was and still am a huge Police fan..Stewart Copeland was one of the best drummers in the world...Sting started as a face, front man and developed into a lasting influential individual in the recording industry. Really looking forward to seeing this show...the more accoustics..the better.

This is RKdrumdude saying
PEace Out,
God Bless,
and have an awesome week

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Under Pressure

So here I am again..blogging about not much of anything.
Let me start off first by saying that we have booked some major camping plans for the summer and can't wait to go hike with the kids.
Second, I am unbelievably overly excited and overwhelmed to know that I will soon see Da Roach and his wife soon enough as they have announced they are returning to Watermark.....c'mon all you non-believers who read my blog...with a name like could he not be one of the coolest people you know!!
Family is doing is still work and I can only pray that my job is as close to the depths of hell as I will ever know. It's not bad...shoulda went to college I guess.. it just seems that as hard as I work physically every day and come home with aching back and sore much longer can I keep my head up. So the wife and I have decided that I find a new job....maybe a pizza delivery guy or a pro golfer(like Steve). I just need the benefits that have now. After being at HMI for 15 years I feel that there is no or little room for advancement and I have been topped out on the payscale since my third year there. I have learned alot of things and met some really cool people along the way....I just want a job where I can make a difference and feel like I did something for someone...I AM thankful I even have a job.....but it's way hard to stay happy when everyone else is on anti- depressants. The money is nice but I just feel that I'm capable of so much more. Am I selling myself short by remaining there? I know it's all part of Gods plans but I think there is another path coming my way...and even if it's really small and bushes and vines are growing through it...I'm taking it.
I am so looking forward to spending more time with Da Roach.......
Thinking of a new video movie...Camping with the Roach

May God Bless You All
and Peace Out