Saturday, September 30, 2006

White & Nerdy

Sorry I haven't ritten in awhile. Working or hangin' out with the family.
Payton turned two and is talking like crazy..I know she is our kid and there is quite a bit of favoritism but we seriously know for a fact that she couldn't be any cuter.
Michelle will take her test in a couple weeks to get her cosmetologist license. My job is going great and the band (The Professors) is doing great too. We have business cards and t-shirts coming out soon and are recording in a studio for our first cd. It should be done around the middle or end of October.
We just got an addition for my electra duece... a double bikeseat with a sissy bar so now LiL' G can ride with me on the bikerides to Mission Beach Boardwalk. I'll post pics of us next blog.
Check out this's Weird Als new one...way funny.
Just google white and nerdy and go to and find it.
We miss everyone and Halloween is not even going to be close to as fun without all of our friends and family.
Delaney is @ a brownie pirate campout this weekend @ Balboa Park..and the rest of the family is bike riding all over SD today by the beaches and the shops with the new bike seat and Payton in the burley.
Michelle is giving the "Look" so I have to get ready and go now. Miss everyone!!!
Happy Belated B-Day to my Buddy Remi (sniff) Wish I coulda been there! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween Party @ the Steve and Andreas. I wanna see pics.

Peace Out
God Bless,

Friday, September 01, 2006

When you wish...

Hollywood was cool, the walk of the stars was fun. The chinese theatre was pretty cool..saw Anna Nicoles house in the hollywood hills looking for a didge. Everything is fine..we are waiting on my sister and Brother in law to come out next month for awhile. Going out with Michelle tonight to see a Beatles coverband @ the House Of Blues (free tickets from a friend). Miss everyone and wish I could make enough money to fly everyone out here for a week or two. Peace Out my Brothers and Sisters.