Thursday, August 24, 2006

Band on the run

So I met these guys that love to jam..they all have families and love to play surf music. They play old school surf music like The Ventures and have some really cool originals as well. This was the gig at the LONGBOARD LUAU Invitational at Scripps Pier for The Cancer Research Foundation. It was a great time and we had some people rockin' out big time. Check out these guys website they are truly old school class. Great guys as well. When I get some visitors from MI I will arrange a gig party BBQ. Job is going great and Michelle is working and the kids are good. Still Praying that our house sells or burns to the ground (hint Mark and Brian). We miss everyone dearly and it has not been easy for any of us....Peace Out and God Bless you all.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

One of the coolest!!

Things I have ever seen were rhinos running full tilt at the Wild Animal Park just north of us. It was awsome to se something so prehistoric looking running. Most of the ones in captivity can't run due to surrounding limitations...but these 30 or so rhinos were hauling butt around a fenced in area that was probably around 500 yards square or so(guesstamation). Everything here is going well we either need to sell our house or have someone burn it to the ground( I didn't say that). Hope everyone has a great Coast Guard Weekend and doesn't do anything stupid (Steve and Brian). Hope the parade was great and we miss everyone...let us know when you need a vacation..we are only a couple states away. If you click on the pic and it zooms up..the rhinos in the back are running.

Peace Out
and God Bless,