Saturday, July 22, 2006

Baby on Mission Beach

We haven't forgotten anyone..or moved anywhere else..we are still in Point Loma and diggin' it. It's pretty hot here but there is always a nice cool breeze from down the street where the ocean is. Hope you all enjoy the pic of Payton. Michelle has submitted her paperwork for her cosmetology license here in CA. My job is going well. I met the bass player from Billy Squires band and he wants me to come play congas for him Sunday night at a blues restaurant in Del Mar. I also ran into the drummer from POD last week when I was downtown...he has huge, long dreds and was wearing a really nice shirt and slacks...thought he looked familiar..talked to him for awhile and gave him my business card and he said it would be cool to get together and jam on some hippie drums sometime. SWEEEET was my reply. The church we are attending is in Ocean Beach, down the street from our apt. It is as close to a Watermark church as I think we an find around here..they even base the sermons on the Bible...imagine that...not alot of churches around here do that. The people were friendly and very helpful in finding and setting up play dates for the kids and picnics and telling us of sitters and summer schools in the area. Didn't move away..been busy..still miss yous and love ya's too.
May God Bless you all
and your families,
Peace Out,

Monday, July 03, 2006

Life is a Highway..

Wish you were beautiful the weather is here.
San Diego Zoo and Seaworld year passes are not as expensive as we thought and we are like close to both. Tomorrow will be spent boogie boarding the 3-4 footers and Mission Beach with the fam and some friends. Cameron is giving me surf lessons and I'm teaching him how to drum and play didge...fair trade. Everyone we have met here are nice and we went to a new church Sunday..Kaleo. The kids thought it was pretty cool..the dude doin the sermon was from south LA and sounded like Cheech Marin. It was quite funny. Well headin to another barbq tonight..chicken legs on the grill....yummy!! Miss everyone alot...waiting for visitors. Tell Bizzle not to fart too much..those stains are a bear to get out...ask Paul Kunde...he knows. Everyone have a great 4th of July and look southwest and blow us a kiss!!!

Peace Out