Friday, October 20, 2006

Hello Again...Hello

So Jeff & Tammy have a conference in Vegas and decide to do some vacationing in San Diego...very cool. We had a good time!! They did alot of fun stuff. Jeff got licked by a giraffe at Wild Animal Park and Tammy had a party in her hotel room with 3 or 4 pigeons. They watched the surfers and got to check out the Midway. We had dinner at The Cass Street Grill (MMMMmmmm). We all ordered the oriental salad with fish(ono) and a couple pitchers of yellowtail(SD's finest brew). We walked around Pacific Beach for awhile(saw some guy playing with his orbs)then had coffee @ ZANZIBAR. It was an awesome night and we had fun. Once again I am blessed to have such a cool Sister and a cool Brother-In-Law. They went to Palm Springs as well to visit our Uncle PA..but that story seems to be a little blurry (ask PA).
We finally sold our house and now can start replenishing our savings account. I can honestly say that I hope no one has to go through what we did with two house payments. Write more later...oh yeah it's like 80 outside and we will be at the beach boogieboarding tomorrow if anyone needs anything.