Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Show Me The Way

I wonder how you're feeling.There's ringing in my ears.And no one to relate to, 'cept the sea.Who can I believe in,I'm kneeling on the floor.There has to be a force; who do I phone.The stars are out and shining, but all I really want to know.Oh won't you... show me the way.I want you ...show me the way.Well, I can see no reason,You're living on your nerves.When someone drops a cup and I submerge.I'm swimming in a circle.I feel I'm going down.There has to be a fool to play my part.Well someone thought of healing, but all I really want to know,Oh won't you show me the way (every day).I want you... show me the way.I want you... day after day.I wonder if I'm dreaming,I feel so unashamed.I can't believe this is happening... to me.I watch you when you're sleeping, and then I want to take your love.Oh won't you... show me the way (every day).I want you... show me the way (one more time).I want you... day after day.Oh won't you... show me the way (every day).I want you... show me the way (night and day).I want you... day after day.
One of the best songs ever...I remember the posters on my sisters wall of Andy Gibb and Bobby Goldsboro and Peter Frampton. I remember my wall was full of pics of Kristy MCnichol and Farah Fawcwett and Tatum O'neal. I remember Vic had a pic of Mohammed Ali in his bedroom.
It's funny how you remeber stuff that you thought you'd forget or you thought wasn't important at the time. It always goes around like one big circle. I wonder if we forget more than we learn in a lifetime or if we just choose not to remember. It is aparent to me or so it feels like the best years of my life are in the past...it seems everything I did that was fun and effortless was taken for granted and I find myself struggling with more issues and problems and things I have never had to deal with before. Is this the struggle of growing old? Is it not as fun as you make it or as fun as it gets? Life goes on and rather than view history I tend to make it. It is our footprint that will be history..it's not the kings and queens of yesterday..we are making history right now...or just then.
I just want...hmmmm that is huge...where in our lives to we become totally at peace and at ease? When do the problems and struggles and issues go away? Is it always going to be a battle to find peace? Or is that what you have when the lights go out and you get to rest your weary head and make room for tommorrows fun and problems.
A new day is tomorrow..live everyday and take every day one step at a time..it's the only way to do it. Appreciate EVERYTHING you have because you are grateful not because you earned it. Don't dwell on problems....solve them and get to the good parts.
Peace Out God Bless,