Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sunshine on my Shoulders makes me Happy

So I'm thinking as I walk outside in my shorts and t-shirt to get the mail, the sun in my face and the salty ocean air blowing a nice breeze through what little hair I have left on my head, do I miss the snow? Uh..no, I don't miss my nose hairs feeling like ice or my fingers and feet going numb as I drove to work in the morning. I don't miss my lungs hurting as I took a deep breathe of icy air. I don't miss my snowblower that I gave away with a smile on my face. I don't miss shoveling our steps and chipping the hard parts from the top where the heat hit it and turned it to ice. I don't miss the snow going up my sleeves as I got all the snow off both cars every morning. I don't miss the snowplows who never let me finish the end of the driveway before they made me start over and over and over. I don't miss all of the near death experiences I had walking down those icy ramp steps that lead to my driveway in the morning(pre coffee). I don't miss anything having to do with that darn ice and snow and cold temperatures through the winter months.
But I do miss everything else and everybody.

Hope everyone who reads this blog has a safe, healthy, and family time Merry Christmas.

Peace Out &
God Bless