Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's get it on.

Crazy days and the doesn't get any better. We have a couple media/film projects going on with our material. Seems our cd went over quite well. We are getting some airplay and our material is selling pretty good for the college crowd because it doesn't clog your brain with lyrics and it's good with the hooka crowd.
DJ and G graduated last week and are totally looking forward to next year and school. Everything here is going great. We miss our MI and Illinois peeps..but if we can afford to come home with three kids..we think some of you can afford to come out here to see us. The wife and I are working hard and when I'm not working I'm watching my kids grow up at the beaches and parks and zoos and Seaworld. We are on first name basis with Shamu and we know how to get food in the park and how to get $4.00 beverages and free parking...rare at Seaworld.
We continue to learn budgeting secrets from the locals and what restaurants have happy hours and what days and hours to go for the best prices....bargain bargain bargain.
Found a cool website called phonezoo..check it out for kids are into the Webkinz thing and I find myself limited to using my PC less now than ever..anybody know where I can get a good cheap laptop?
We purchased Dazzle DVD recording equipment last week for Fathers Day so those of you in Michigan should be expecting a DVD of us in San Diego soon.
It should be full of humor and bars and beach and scenic views around SD. I figured no one would ever come out and we will send you a DVD so you can see what fun you are missing.
It's summertime and the beaches are starting to get busier and we seem to be booking some more venues. The wife is building some clientèle at her work and things are going well for the most far as I can tell the cost of living out here is compensated by not having to pay for heat or air conditioning..but the whole down jacket, scarf ,glove ,cold thing is pretty well balanced out with all the sunscreen we have to buy to put on the kids.

Peace Out,