Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rock-N-Roll Fantasy

Well, it has been a month andI feel the urge to blog. So here goes....
California is a cool place to live and would be better if we had some of our midwest buddies out here with us. Everything is going great. I started a new job on Monday and I am now a Senior Account Executive at another telecommunications company. My manager is awesome and I have a feeling I will be here for quite some time. I have had more jobs in the last 12 months than I have had in the last 20 years. I have mastered the interview process and studied hard for the urinalysis quiz. I have met managers, presidents and directors all who seem to get along with me fairly well. Seems a strong wotk ethic is all you need to make it out here. I have always been a hard worker except in Michigan it didn't seem to get me very far. Sales is great..you get to talk to people all day long and sell them stuff that they don't think they need....until you tell them what it can do and then they listen to you. In the long run we help their business grow and increase the profit margin of the company. VOIP for business, integrated t-1's and trunks and pri's and pbx's...it's techy extreme for me from here on out. Anyone out there in BLOGWORLD who knows me and wants to upgrade the phone system at work and want s some info...get in touch with me...I work for a national carrier now and it is unlimited where and what I can sell. They have a headquarters in LIVONIA (smile).
The kids are doing well..they grow up so fast. ..seems we were helping them walk and now we are getting the last one out of diapers..it's all a blur. One minute we are at San Diego Zoo looking at the monkeys and the next minute BAM Delaney is asking us for the keys to the car(to go get her homework).
I gotta get back to work...shouting out to all my brothahs and sistas in da midwest.....
Peace out and God Bless Ya's and we miss ya!!