Saturday, March 10, 2007

Livin' la vida loca

So here we are in SUN DIEGO, no family, a couple funny friends, still searching for a gathering that we enjoy. The kids are starting to really settle in and enjoy it and wifey and I are starting to get used to it as well.
We need people to come visit us. I heard plane tickets were about $330 round trip from Chicago to here. Or was that Indianapolis to here? Sounds pretty cheap considering your can stay at our place for free.
Recieved alot of feedback on my homeless blog last month...still confused as to where I stand but I am in good company, and will continue to excercise my mental capabilities when it comes to giving away money.
Our family talked about what we missed most from G.H.. The kids went with the whole family thing. I went with the family thing too as did Michelle but by looking into it further we miss our poker buddies and camping alot too. It doesn't feel like we are stranded out here anymore. It's going to be awhile before we move back...we are trying to position ourselves and save money to come back once a year (Coast Guard Festival) for a week or more at a time.
Trader Joes, Wahoos Fish Tacos, Souplantation,Hodads, places we frequently dine at when we can afford to. They are great places and when we come back to G.H. I would love to open up something like a Wahoos. It would put Butches Beach Burrito to shame. Alot more healthier than fast food too!
Well just a heads up to let everyone know that we are still in Sun Diego and doing well for what it is worth. We miss everyone at home (and The Cramers) alot. Can't wait to see you guys. They say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", whoever said this probably lived alone and didn't have any friends for a considerable amount of time. Same guy probably said, "Money can't buy happiness" this is probably one of the guys I gave a dollar to on the corner of 5th and G downtown.
God Bless You All
and Peace Out,