Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

It's not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how
the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have
done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the
arena....who, at best, knows in the end the triumph of great achievement,
and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while doing greatly. So that
his placewill never be with those cold timid souls who know niether victory or defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt

I thought that was cool. Kinda makes ya wonder...if we never try will we ever know? I know for a fact, from my life experiences, It is better to try and maybe fail..than never to try and never know what would've happened if.
I can't quit writing like this the bold and italic is broke or something.
Maybe this is better
, or maybe this...there ya go this is it!! Hey I did it!!!
So my life has been going well lately...the kids are healthy and the wife is doing well also. Had an awesome Easter service Sunday. Huge band...good eats...great people.
Don't have a whole lot to blog about today...felling kinda pressured from threats of Big Dog on not blogging and giving me a time frame.
Making all these camping plans for the summer are fun..we all have a great time when we get together and's just kinda difficult to get all of us together sometimes. Anyone wants to camp let us know..the site is on this page under BIG DOGS site. We have them all listed so far. Hoping the rookie campers(you know who you are) have an awesome time and nice weather all the way to Florida and back.
Well I'm outta here,
God Bless and
Peace Out!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Singin' In The Rain

Well it's late and it's raing like crazy outside..and thunderin' and lightnin'..waay coooool. I gotta go watch it....I'll blog a thing tomorrow!! Peace Out!!

Thursday, March 17, 2005


So work is work and weekends are weekends. I had a great day at work today and I thought I might share it.
Ever wonder about temporary services like Manpower and Addeco? Where do you suppose they get these people. I have worked through Manpower and to tell you the wasn't great money but it was a job..and at the time I didn't have anything else. So today at my workplace , we get an individual with some tattoos, a younger kid maybe 20 or something, from the hours of 6- 10 a.m. we train this newbie and teach him what to do. He does a great friendly and seems intelligent enough. After our 9:00 break we continue to work and about twenty minutes into it it, he grabs his jacket and goes outside ( we are thinking.. maybe he went out for a smoke). Our boss sees him go outside and follows him to tell him we only smoke on breaktimes(except management) and he should come back in and remain productive. No sooner does our boss open the door.. then..this temp...starts running as fast as he can to his car...gets in...and drives off never to be seen again. I was laughing hysterically ( almost peed myself). I felt like yelling at him, "RUN FASTER.. AND BRING BACK HELP!!" Doesn't take much to excite me I guess. I'm I could do that...I would...I was kinda envious until I came back to our our our kids....and our dog....and my wife....doubtful any of this would have happened if not for an employer for the last 15 years.
I read something today...about a guy who put a big black dot on a piece of paper. He held it up and ask others what they saw... most said a big black dot or a black mark. They all just didn't get it..It was a piece of many times in life it's like we are looking at the doughnut holes instead of the doughnut. So many times we are so worried about what will happen and what we will get.. and how we will get it. Instead of what we much we should appreciate everything we have..and how blessed we are to have everything we have. Too much in this world goes un noticed and looked over. When was the last really took the time to watch a sunrise with your family......or a sunset? When was the last time you hugged your kids or spouse and told them you loved them and got teary eyed because you meant it soooo much? When was the last time you took a long hard look at everything you had to be thankful for....and was happy about it?
On the soapbox
steppin' down
Peace Out
RKDRUMDUDE (with a "r" after the first "d") what?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

There Ain't No Sunshine

So Michelles Grandmother passed away this last weekend in an auto accident. She flew out of GR Sunday morning and is coming home Wednesday night. We miss her and Payton...please pray that they will return safely and for Judy family and friends.
Everything is going well in the life of the drumdude..the sermon was awesome as expected. Trying to figure out things that are puzzling to me. Why is everyone so concerned about everyone else. One of the biggest problems people seem to have about believing in God is that what about a monk in Tibet that has devoted his whole life to his faith? What if no one ever told him about Christianity? This is a question I have always wondered about. When he dies does he go to hell because he hasn't accepted God as his god? As Christians we care so much about other people so would it be wise to go to Tibet and teach? We are disciples and we were created to worship and fulfill the will of God. Any answers in Blogsville?
So I kept D out of her 1/2 day of school today and we are hangin out at home. Call it a personal Daddy snowday. That has a ring to it. Figure she might learn more in three hours at home with me than three hours in school...what?
Well i gotta go and hang with the youngins'.
Accoustic Sunday this weekend.. I wish Big Dog and his family and Steve and Andrea and the girls and Brian and Brenda and the kids and Eric and his new wife(CONGRATS) and anyone else I failed to mention would at least come out to one of our services and if nothing me and Mike play some cool songs. Faith is not going to be pushed on you...and if you go five times in a row you get a pair of purple sneakers, a majestic golden laced robe, and a card that lets you sit in the front seat when the ufo comes to take us....just kidding. I can say that you will meet some awesome individuals and possibly even have a good time(free food too). Then I had a thought....if any of you were a musician..and you were playing somewhere...there is not much that I could think of that would keep me away from coming to see least once. Isn't that what friends are for?
Callin' all Ya'll Out,
Waitin' for Excuses
God Bless

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I'm On a Mexican Radio

We made it!! We survived the poverty stricken beauty and unsanitery third world country known as Mexico. It was some beautiful beaches, the seafood was was scary to eat in some of the places we ended up...but hey..when in Rome do as vato does Ci? Worst part of the trip..hmmm not really a down side to this but flying with a five month old baby is not a wise decision..Payton was awesome...other babies were not. She fussed a little but some of the kids on the plane screamed like you wouldn't believe. It was definitely an adventure.
Mexico and Driving
Now I don't claim to being worldy..although I have driven cars and Humvees in Israel, Egypt,Panama, Germany..and Italy..on military installations as well as the autoban and back desert roads. Mexico has no road rules..Red light STOP?? Nope...! Green light GO?? yeah whatever.. after you got used to all the taxi and bus drivers that were EL had to watch out for the pedestrians ages 4 to 100 and something dodging traffic like a matador at a bullfight. It was crazy...we rented a car and drove the coastline and saw some spectacular sights and ate some awesome food and drove some unbelievable backroads. Never did I see a midget with a sombrero..(I looked everywhere) I did get a picture, however, of a huge gringo that was as red as my Christmas sweater.
We sunblocked bigtime...the markets were fun to haggle at...if ONE...just ONE of the many vendors that approached me with a hash pipe..go and find Jesus like I told them they should...I would think my trip more worthwhile..I can only pray that they listen to this gringo with the beautiful wife and earrings and blue eyed baby...I hope and pray that they remember me and what I said to them.
One night as I was searching for a cuban cigar I met an individual about to go into a strip bar...he had a wedding band on and looked very depressed and sad...I said Que Pasa' mi Amigo..and he looked at me and asked me if I spoke english ( that was funny) I said yes and one thing led to another and we ended up talking about his wife and his kids and how he was addicted to porn and drinking and just unloaded on me...everything..i just listened..prayed..listened....he must've seen my cross necklace or something.....when he was done talking I told him he should go home and hug his wife and kids and start trying to have more faith in the Lord and tell his wife what he told me and she would help him too. Happy wife happy life. He gave me a hug..he wiped his eyes a little and went in the direction for home( as far as I know) but I like to think maybe I helped a little. There was a reason I was compelled to ask him what was up and there at that particular time...I love this world.
Well that gooes it for our Mexican adventure... we are home and we are safe and our work week starts again tomorrow...great fun..great sun..great trip..but it's done. Now only memories of sandy beaches and fresh seafood and great weather and over chlorinated pools.
This is Rkdrumdude signing off
May God Bless Him and Keep him in HIS hands!!