Thursday, September 29, 2005

Me and you and a dog named Boo

Awesome song...awesome lyrics. Everything in the life of Rkdrumdude is going peachy!! Thank all of you for the prayers and the hopes of good luck and whatever it is you do.. I thank you all.
Summer is over and our gigs and the Theatre Bar and Porto Bellos is soon to be abolished due to insufficient funs due to insufficient tourism due to the weather. A nice little opened some doors for next summer and hopefully more weddings and outdoor parties....anything is good. I booked my Drumparty thing at Yogi Bear Grand Haven next summer..I am stoked and blessed that I have a whole lot of rhythm..seems constantly in my head there is a beat going on..sometimes a song...sometimes just drums....I LIKE THE DRUMS!!
Our family is doing awesome we are going to look at our new puppy tomorrow..a labrador retriever..yellow or black or dark yellow..we get to pick one out of nine. We will get him/her probably Halloween weekend. Still thinking about names any suggestions would be helpful...I was gonna call him Big Dog but one of my buddies took that one for himself...that selfish bastard(smile). I got a couple names goin'... like RASTA or maybe Hobie or Panama..they all have meaning to them...I used the name Bongo for a dog that didn't work out so...Tumba or Quinto or Djembe or Didje...hmmm the possibilties are endless.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Rock Steady

So I sign up to be a guide/hotspot dude/helper at Watermark and it feels good. My job how is everyone else in Blogsville doin'?
Still looking for a new job that will use my talents and gifts more than the one I am currently involved in. The job market in Michigan doesn't appear to be all that great.. yes Big Dog I am thankful I have a job and a roof and money and healthy kids and I am not shut yer hole!! LOL! The wife and I have discussed it and when the time is right I will continue my education into the teaching field or musical field or both. They have percussion classes as a class in colleges and some high schools now as an elective, that should open some doors once I get a degree. That would be fun.
Everything is going great..awesome summer.. still playing on Thursdays and every other Wednesday in G.H.. My youngest daughter is turning ONE on the seventeeth of this month...where does the time go? Have an Aurora popup that won't leave me alone... My friend Kori is stepping up and joining the Navy soon..What A MAN!! Good choice indeed.
Well gotta make dinner!!
Peace Out and
God Bless You All.